Head of Design & Product at SHIFT (2018 - Current)

Shift helps Enterprise teams work better together.

Organizations are realizing that their past ways of working will not get them to where they aspire to be. A change of identity requires a change of values, mindsets, and behaviors.

With the work in organizations being done in large networks of teams, SHIFT helps teams become aware of their own underlying dynamics, and guides them to improve.

My Role

When I first joined SHIFT in 2018, we were a small team of 5 moving quickly. We’ve since grown to 20+ people and I’ve continued played a hybrid role between design and product, working closely with our customer success and engineering teams.

With an already-active core platform, my main objective has been to improve the product experience for SHIFT’s different user types: organization administrators, team managers, and team members.

My day-to-day involves:

  • Managing projects with engineering via Pivotal Tracker and removing blockers
  • Monitoring product metrics (activation via onboarding flows, engagement of key features, retention and churn of long-term accounts
  • Analyzing customer data via Heap Analytics and Fullstory
  • Designing UI/UX improvements for core user stories in collaboration with Customer Success
  • Speaking to customers about their organization and getting qualitative feedback on recent mocks
  • Making front-end HTML/CSS improvements

Example feature UI that I designed inside the main SHIFT web application.


I re-designed and built the marketing website via custom WordPress.


Examples of transactional emails designed and built inside the main web application.