Building High-Performing Teams with Behavioral Science

Head of Design & Product (2018-2019)

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SHIFT helps Fortune 500 enterprises drive change at scale. SHIFT’s platform is used by teams at the world’s leading companies to adopt a new culture, adjust to new ways of working and be agile.


Organizations are realizing that their past ways of working will not get them to where they aspire to be. A change of identity requires a change of values, mindsets, and behaviors. Unfortunately, 90% of organizational transformations fail. 



Traditionally, organizational transformations have focused on changing the behaviors of individuals. SHIFT, however, hones in on the underlying dynamics in teams. SHIFT’s platform contains digital tools that individuals, teams, and companies can use to become aware of their own unconscious biases and attitudes, and educates and supports them on how to improve.

The core product functionality includes:

  1. Align tool – a patented group exercise for teams to evaluate their performance on different themes. Teams get a detailed report with benchmark data to compare to other real teams like theirs. Additionally, the exercise includes a comprehensive Team Conversation guide for how the team can workshop through their results, be candid with each other, which drives the most meaningful change.
  2. Perspective tool – a personality test, based on Myers-Briggs (MBTI) that shows how balanced a team is, where their gaps are, with guides on how they can work better together.
  3. Habit tool Рa habit-tracking tool for individuals and teams to create and commit to behavioral change goals. Teams can measure their progress, see their results over time, and replace habits with new ones to keep growing.
  4. Company reporting dashboards – for Enterprise admins and C-Suite to monitor the engagement of their employees across their organization, and to see the common problem areas across all regions.


My Role

I was an early employee and lead the small 6-person engineering team, building psychology-based tools to help Enterprise teams work better together. The product was used by thousands of Fortune-500 employees in Exxonmobil, Corteva, SunLife, and Citibank.

I lead major product initiatives: Enterprise reporting dashboard for admins, Register and onboarding flow to address activation, the redesign and rebuild of the Perspective tool (an MBTI-like survey exercise for teams), and the redesign/rebuild of the Align tool (a team values and feedback exercise) to increase the rate that teams had honest conversations post-exercise.

SHIFT's Perspective tool. I lead the redesign and rebuild of it to improve usage and cross-tool upgrades.

The Perspective report that I redesigned.

SHIFT's website that I designed and developed on custom Wordpress in 2018.