I’m endlessly fascinated by the intersection between design, technology, and human behavior. I’m inspired by listening to people’s stories and am most motivated by understanding their frustrations. I enjoy simplifying complexity and delivering product experiences that make people’s lives easier.
I’m originally from Australia but am now based in Berlin, Germany. I’ve worked remotely for nearly 8 years, mostly matching EST/PST.
Outside of work, you’ll find me at the gym, playing my piano, reading a bunch of dead philosophers and poets, or updating my blog of creative musings.

Product –¬†Customer discovery, product development, prioritization, engineering/product team leadership
UX – Jobs-to-be-Done, user interviews, usability testing
UI – Advanced Figma, Sketch, Adobe Suite
Web Dev – Advanced HTML, CSS, WordPress, Webflow, Intermediate JS, Rails, Basic React
Data/Analytics –¬† SQL, Heap Analytics, Mixpanel, Bigquery/Data Studio, Google Analytics/Adwords

If you have a project in mind, you can email me at: hi@angelasmith.com.au
Or schedule time to talk