Firstly, I like people… all kinds of crazy people.

I also really like thinking about things, like how colors can impact perception, how a typeface can induce a feeling, and mostly, how a product can be so good that you just have to tell someone about it. My guiding design and product philosophy is to “fall in love with the problem, not the solution”.

I’m a senior UI/UX designer who converted to product management. I have a particular penchant for early-stage B2B startups where I can wear a few hats. I’m passionate about the food and health tech spaces.

Outside of work, I love stories, slow travelling, techno music, fitness, and reading, reading, reading.


B. Computer Science
Dip. Graphic Design

UX Process

Customer interviews, journey mapping, wireframes, animated prototypes, usability testing


Sketch, Figma, HTML, CSS, custom WP dev, SQL, Mixpanel, GA, Agile

My nephew, Eli and I <3