I’m a product generalist who loves working with early-stage B2B startups. My work experience has been:

    1. 2 years in an enterprise marketing role at a digital ad agency (employee #5 to 45 people)
    2. 2 years at a B2B startup with myself and 2 founders (acquired)
    3. 4 years at a B2B startup (employee #4 to 95 people and series B)
    4. A bunch of contract work with tech companies, large and small

I’m not the typical “designer” profile and work best in hybrid roles where I can wear a few hats. I can help with:

Creating a design system that will scale:

  • Consolidating product elements into one consistent brand
  • Designing a library of UI components in Figma/Sketch
  • Documenting a front-end style-guide wiki for new engineers to follow
  • Implementing¬†front-end components based on BEM/OOCSS

Bringing a data-first mindset to your design process:

  • Installing proper user-based tracking tools (Mixpanel, Heap Analytics)
  • Creating dashboards of key metrics like active use and retention (SQL, Redash)
  • Setting up A/B or MVT design tests based on hypotheses
  • Creating a regular process for getting qualitative feedback (“Beta customers”, NPS)
  • Running usability tests, in-person and online (FullStory, Inspectlet)

Bringing structure to user feedback and research:

  • Documenting user stories and use cases (Jobs to be Done framework, user story mapping)
  • Building customer personas or company profiles that tell stories
  • Documenting competitors or out-of-market inspiration

Installing an Agile product process:

  • Prioritizing features last (looking at business strategy, target customers, and their goals first)
  • Communicating the ‘Why?’ ahead of building anything
  • Setting up or transitioning to a proper project tracking tool with documentation on how to write stories and bugs for engineers (Pivotal Tracker, Jira)
  • Managing daily stand-ups and weekly planning sessions for upcoming sprints
  • Managing retrospectives, collecting feedback, and capturing action items

Outside of work, I love writing stories, slow travelling, making and listening to music, lifting weights, and reading, reading, reading.


B. Arts (Psychology) – In Progress
B. Computer Science
Dip. Graphic Design

UX Process

Customer interviews, journey mapping, wireframes, animated prototypes, usability testing


Sketch, Figma, HTML, CSS, custom WP dev, SQL, Mixpanel, GA, Agile

My nephew, Eli and I <3