Simplifying Customer Communication for Enterprise Sales Teams

Head of Product (Current)

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Flexperto is a communication platform for sales consultants working 1-on-1 with their customers. Flexperto gives consultants all the tools they need to manage their customer relationships online and in one place.


Daily life has been digitised. As a result, the relationship between consumers and service providers has fundamentally changed. People are busier, more stressed, and expect services to be available online and accessible from anywhere. In Europe especially, the financial services industry is striving to meet their customers’ demands, while facing increasingly complex regulations around privacy and data.



Flexperto’s mission is to eliminate the friction between sales consultants and their customers.

Flexperto integrates into leading European banks and insurance providers, to provide a customer communication layer for sales consultants working 1-to-1 with customers. Flexperto digitises the parts of a consultants’ process that would traditionally happen only by customers physically meeting their consultant in-person.

Flexperto’s main features are:

  • Scheduling Calendar where customers can book appointments with consultants based on their availability (similar to Calendly)
  • Online Meetings via webRTC video
  • E-Signature for consultants to build custom documents and collect legally-binding signatures
  • Omnichannel Messenger where consultants can chat with customers via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other popular messaging channels.


My Role

As Head of Product, I manage our product team of one other product manager and two engineering pods of fourteen engineers and two QA testers total. I’m responsible for our company roadmap and prioritizing what will most impact our product goals and vision.

Our product/engineering OKRs are primarily around activation and usage for users on the Enterprise plans. I’ve driven customer research and discovery, with initiatives like surveying users who churned, speaking to every customer who upgraded, and creating a monthly User Council to hear from our most active Enterprise clients.

I’ve also lead the major initiative of consolidating data and product analytics. With help from the engineering team, we have all app usage data flowing into Bigquery and our product team is able to write SQL and build custom dashboards in Data Studio.

User Story Map that I created at Flexperto. We connect this with the Jobs-to-be-Done framework for visualizing improvements and changes to user stories.

My structure of Figma files at Flexperto ties in to our User Story Map and Jobs-to-be-Done.

Pages from Flexperto's new website that I designed and developed on custom Wordpress.

A recent cohort dashboard I built with SQL in Bigquery and visualization in Data Studio to track Flexperto's product engagement and retention.