Lead Designer (Contract) at LifeVest Health (2014)

Life.io is a loyalty platform that rewards users for tracking their health and improving their wellbeing.

Life.io is a platform that health insurers can customize and offer to their policyholders. Policyholders can track their health and receive cash rewards, while insurers can monitor progress and get insights.

My Role

I was contracted as lead designer and worked on the main dashboard for employees and admins, across web and mobile. It was particularly interesting to design and test through many iterations of the main views, seeing which contributed to increasing the rate of user’s tracking their core health metrics.

“Angela led a re-design of LifeVest’s platform. Her work was excellent. She is the consummate UI/UX designer who over delivers. She conducted extensive user diligence, gained a thorough understanding of our business, sought extensive feedback from the team. We were floored by how quickly she did all of this. Not to mention, as a front-end programmer, she is a double threat. I highly recommend Angela for any front-end ux design work.” – Jon Cooper, Co-Founder and CEO

The main dashboard view for employees tracking their health progress


A later view of the employee’s main dashboard, after a brand refresh


An earlier view of the employee’s main dashboard, before the brand refresh


The main view for admins of a company