Lead Designer & Product Manager
Remote & SF, 2014 - 2018

Homebase helps small businesses manage their employees.

Because they loved their work so much, owners started their own small business. What they didn’t know, was how much time they’d be spending on paperwork; just building a schedule for employees would be eight hours of a Manager’s Sunday, spent in an Excel spreadsheet prone to errors.

Homebase’s mission is to replace paperwork; it’s a suite of tools that makes managing employees faster and easier. I was employee #4 and lead design as a single contributor for the first two years of the company. I later transitioned to a product manager role of the core experience team for another two years, working on significant feature development inside the main web application for Managers.

The main view of the web schedule builder


The Homebase time clock running on Clover POS


A manager’s view of their web reports dashboard