Quit Genius

Super impressed by Quit Genius’s onboarding flow.

Step 1. Clean home page with a typical phone-to-download. I like the “fresh air” branding.


Step 2. Immediate SMS to download the app. “Congratulations” is a nice touch yet still subtle; sans-confetti disrupting the flow.


Step 3. After downloading the app, I input my basic information and was immediately shown this upgrade screen. Although “early” in the funnel, I thought it was clever: the weight of the testimonial at the top and the discount of the 3 months tier.


Step 4. Loved this – a great example of support for WHY a user should do something. Who can argue with a 2X improvement?!


Step 5. And a final upgrade prompt. Some might argue that two prompts in an onboarding flow is too forceful but the copy helps to soften it.


Step 6. And once inside the product, a reddit-style Community tab where users can post their experiences with the program. I thought this was a great way to have an app that is immediately engaging, without the user having to do anything.