About the Project

Whilst Facebook & Twitter provide a utility to host events & stay in touch with friends’, they don’t really encourage people to meet up – even if they’re only a few minutes away from each other!

NightEye allows users to connect with each other via location-based targeting, plus it gives them a chance to connect with nearby venues that may have offers or events running.

The interface was dated with poor usability. I redesigned the entire 40+ page application, focusing on simplifying the design so that there was a clear journey between the app slides. I wanted the design to create a sense of fun & playfulness – an app that a user would get excited to return to.

As the revenue stream was from partnered venues, I designed the Venue pages within the app with a strong focus on driving conversion (i.e. users either visiting the Venue or purchasing an offer / signing up for an event)

The End Result


The original Nighteye app


My redesigned version