About the Project

Lifevest Health is a corporate wellness program that rewards users (in cash!) for tracking their health periodically.

The initial product was difficult for users to understand & a the main intention of the redesign was to increase user activation & engagement – get them in to the product & get them addicted to adding new health records.

Overall, it’s a data-intensive app & I iterated several times through different ways of displaying the data. As part of my process, I reviewed a lot of the competitors in-market & saw there was an opportunity for a modern & refreshing UI.

From a behavior perspective, I researched intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation & how design can encourage product “stickiness”. Showing the user their progress over-time is a huge reward, even greater than the cash that Lifevest pays when you track.

The End Result

Dashboard v2

Company Dashboard > Health

Rewards > Visual